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Certified company in:
ISO 9001
ISO 14000

Emblematic projects

Over these 30 years, we have been involved in a wide range of projects.
Complex, laborious and sometimes very simple ones. But to us, they have all been of the same importance. Because they provide an answer to a customer’s problem.

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We work with practically all existing types of elastomers (rubbers). We do not believe that one type is better than the others. The important thing is to use the right elastomers for the right application.

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SABACAUCHO offers you solutions in all types of elastomers, using traditional rubber, as well as technical rubber and polyurethane’s. As if all types of thermostable polymers and thermoplastics.
These can be NR (natural), SBR, NBR (nitrilic), EPDM, CR (chloroprene, better known as Neoprene), silicone, fluoroelastomers (VITON), etc.… or polyurethane’s, better known by the commercial names of Adiprene®, Vibrathane®, Vulkollan®.
Founded in 1979, we invest in Research Development & Innovation, developing innovative solutions. We solve problems related with flexibility, strength, sliding, abrasion, grip, elasticity, etc.