I-BOLLARD has unique features and is of supreme quality thanks to the material X-LAST®.

This exclusive Sabacaucho formulation means we are the benchmark for the market.

  • Rigidity

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Safety

  • CE certificate


Safe Moving

The material X-LAST® makes I-BOLLARD the flexible bollard. But that does not mean it goes out of shape easily. It has the optimum rigidity index.

Stops entry!

It makes it difficult for vehicles to travel within established areas.

Straight up

Recovers its original shape and position after an impact.

Not serious

Prevents any serious damage if there is an accident.


In an emergency, every second counts. I-BOLLARDs do not have to be removed for fire engines or ambulances – they pass over them easily.

Eco Moving

X-LAST® offers superior weather resistance. This provides an almost unlimited lifespan for the I-BOLLARD, whose longer life cycle requires little maintenance.

Material X-LAST®

Increased weather resistance

Longer life cycle

Requires less maintenance

Almost unlimited lifespan

What is the result of this? A lower financial impact for you and a lower environmental impact for everyone.


A company logo or city crest can be added; they can be made in colours very similar to the RAL range, creating a totally new and unique bollard design.

We are manufacturers. We control the entire manufacturing and finishing process. This means we can create an entirely custom-made I-BOLLARD with personalisation.