To keep the future in mind

Called the ecological alternative. Cycle use is on the rise and constitutes a turning point for urban mobility. This is the future, and should be kept in mind. D-BIKE is our commitment to cyclists who move around the city, so that they do so with maximum safety and peace of mind.

Safe Moving

D-BIKE WAVE is both unique and exclusive to Sabacaucho. Its patented design sets it apart, ensuring you won’t find anything quite like it elsewhere.

The effect of the wave

Its wave shape hinders the intrusion of vehicles and helps eject them.

Maximum visibility

It is designed with a very large area of reflective paint, for high visibility and safety.

Eco Moving

Almost unbreakable. Being made of the material, X-LAST®, it is capable of absorbing heavy impacts and recovering its original shape. In addition, it is highly resistant to weathering.  It has an almost unlimited lifespan.

Material X-LAST®

Absorbs heavy impacts

Recovers its original shape

Weather resistant

Almost unlimited lifespan

If you want a bike lane separator with a competitive cost and low environmental impact, this is your best option.