Keep moving

The world is in constant motion, with industries and towns moving to the rhythm of its changes. We feel that our project is sustainable, adaptable, ambitious and powerful, having the innovation as a boost and being supported by our 45 years of experience.

At Sabacaucho, with our technical know-how and our passion for elastomers, we want to always continue improving.

“Keep innovating. Keep moving.”

Our services

Sabacaucho is made up of two product divisions: Industry and Urban.


Moisture, wear and tear, impacts, breakages ...

At S-Industry, we study the industrial needs of our customers in all kinds of sectors, and provide them with the optimal and most efficient solution.


Whether on foot, by car, bike or scooter ...

At S-Urban we offer mobility products for towns and cities:  like bollards and bike lane separators.  They are exceptional and the best on the market.


An elastomer with very specific properties?

A part with a very particular shape or size?

A bollard with the town crest?

We are adaptable.  And this comes very easily for us, because most of the projects we work on require a single solution.



They drive us forward. 

They move us.

They keep us alive. 

They push us to be one step ahead at all times. 

They force us to innovate constantly.

Challenge us.  In our laboratory, we research, test, control quality and develop new polymers. We devise, formulate and develop the elastomer necessary to offer the best solution.

Daily challenges also drive us to seek out new talent and ensure that all employees remain engaged in ongoing training. only through this approach can we stay abreast of developments in the industry, embrace new materials, and strategize on how to optimize processes to achieve greater efficiency each day.


Time moves forward, things change and that local company specialising in manufacturing rubber parts, starting in a small store of 150 m2 surface area, now shows that it is and has been in constant development.

Industrial projects and challenges and urban mobility.

Over 50 qualified workers on the staff.

Continuous training for constant development.

A global company with customers all over the world.

Products exported to the 5 continents.

Large headquarters, of over 3000 m2 surface area.

Finding opportunities, innovating processes and materials

Quality and environment

We take full responsibility.  We cannot afford any failures, no matter how small, so we outsource none of our processes and are present throughout the entire production chain.  We apply the most exhaustive controls in the finish of each of the parts we produce, ensuring the quality our customers and society deserve.


In addition, we care for, protect and respect the environment.

We have reduced CO2 emissions by 9,7%¹.

We have reduced the wastage rate per hours worked¹ by 11%.

And of course we also have certificates that guarantee we offer the best service and that we take care of, protect and respect the environment.

ISO14001  ISO9001

1. Comparing 2022 data with 2021 data